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Introducing …. Social Oxygen

Why would anyone want to buy this?

  1. Agencies can make more money from Automated Social Media than with any other product on the market.  Agencies typically bring in 90% profits with Automated Social Media.
  2. Everyone who buys will receive free social & Digital marketing content for themselves for the life of their subscription.
  3. Social media is one of the foundations of marketing, every business needs it.
  4. Business owners feel more guilty about poor or no social media than any other type of marketing.  This makes this a great foot-in-the-door product.
  5. Agencies can take advantage of Done-For-Your social media using largely a “stay-at-home-mom” social media writing network of highly educated U.S. based writers anxious to write part-time for them.
  6. It’s automated .. they don’t have to do anything but sell the darned thing.

What Vertical Markets Are Available?

Plus More Than 70 Other Categories….

Introducing … The $290 Funnel 

 With 50% Commissions On Everything

Links To the Products and upsells/downsells


Social Oxygen $27(main product)Click Here For Sales Page

Pre-Built Website $37 –  Click Here For Sales Page

Sales & Business Training + Resources $47 – Click Here For Sales Page

Pre-Written Social Media Content (70+ Categories) $179 – Click Here For Sales Page


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JV Prizes

This is for FRONT END UNITS…

Make 25 sales – Instantly Get $50

Make 50 sales – Instantly Get $150

Make 75 sales – Instantly Get $400

Make 100 sales – Instantly Get $700

Make 125 sales – Instantly Get $1,000

Everyone’s a W!NNER with this one!

WHo We Are

Our Team

Chris Ormiston

Chris Ormiston

Owner/Lead Developer

Andy Kelly

Andy Kelly


Email Swipes

Email #1 - Pre Launch (1-day before promotion starts)

Subject Lines:

Is your Social Media Dead?
Is Social Media Dead?
Looking to breath some life into your social media?
Is social media a thing of the past?


Email Copy: 

Hey this is [Your Name],

Tomorrow  a brand new software and system is being released that is going to totally change the way you do Social Media Marketing & turn it into BIG profits forever, even if you hate Social!

I know social media has been around forever…it’s old and sort of boring I know, but this is going to blow your mind and blow up your business…

Just a few of the breakthroughs

  • Step up your own social media (and do no work)
  • Make an 80-90% profit margin on selling social media (WHAT!?)
  • See how you can schedule out 90 Days of A grade content in 9 Minutes (No that’s NOT a typo, you’ll see it done live!)
  • All done for you!

With this system you can finally turn simple Social Media Marketing into a genuine 6-Figure income stream WITHOUT writing any content.

Local Clients are screaming out for social media services and now you can cash in on this starving crowd.

We’re talking BOTH simple recurring revenue AND High Ticket services!

Stay tuned and tomorrow you’ll see how easy this PROVEN method is.

See you then!


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Huge Social Media Breakthrough
6 Figure Social Media Profits in 15 minutes a day
Have you heard about this big Social Media Breakthrough?
Social Marketing changes Today!

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Hey [Their Name],

It’s LIVE!

We just opened the doors to the system that will change your social media marketing forever.

This new Social Media software & Automation system is the ONLY solution that makes it dead simple for marketers and agencies to deliver world class social media and create a 6-figure income stream WITHOUT writing any content!

With breakthrough new AI technology you can forget all the usual painful, tedious and time consuming work it takes to deliver Social media  services at a high profit margin.

Now you can get a brand new client and have all their content scheduled out for the next 90 days in LESS than 15 minutes using this awesome new technology!

This means a LOT more profit for you in a fraction of the time.

>> See this awesome new system here

Everything you need is here:

  • Get your own social media content created automatically for you
  • Make huge profits using their new system that does all the work for you
  • Open up a whole new channel of income for you or your business
  • Get happy customers that stay with you for a LONG time!
  • See how you can create a “Set and Forget” social media campaign that will have your clients LOVING YOU!
  • Now  you can be 80-90% Cash positive ROI on their social media campaigns

For an extremely limited time, you get complete & ongoing access for a steeply discounted offer!

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Subject Lines

Did you see this?
In case you missed this yesterday
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Hey [Their Name],

In case you missed this earlier today ….

If you are in any way frustrated with Social Media Marketing, (oh let me count the ways!)

I have a real breakthrough we want to share with you.I know too many people say this but this is a genuine game-changer for social media marketing!

Here’s what’s happened today…

The prices have been slashed to an insane level…these guys have gone nuts, so it probably won’t last!

Check It Out Now [Affiliate Link]

When you visit the page you will learn things like…

  • How to make Social Marketing a Predictable, Revenue Generating Machine.
  • How to automate and elevate your social marketing processes
  • Slash your social media production overhead
  • See how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning just made your job easier!
  • How to generate a fresh supply of customers wanting your social media campaigns.
  • How to generate a consistent flow of fresh Social Marketing content for your clients without writing a word!

This is no gimmick or Social Media trick, this is Redefining Social Media Marketing and making it highly profitable.

Use this link HERE to visit them now: [Affiliate link]

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Email #4 - Promotion +1 day

Subject #1: We Found An Ignored Goldmine of New Prospects Who Desperately Want What You Have
Subject #2: How to build a 6-figure social marketing income stream
Subject #3: The 3-Step 6 figure social media formula

Hey [Name],

Perhaps you just started your digital marketing agency, or you have been in the game for a long time. No matter, what you are going to learn will blow your socks off when you see what some folks have figured out.

We have several agencies on track to making five figures monthly using a simple process of making an introduction, not a sale. A simple introduction is all it took and we did everything else from there.

Think about that…a massive income from coordinating a single person to market to their audience, AND the companies we closed these deals with don’t want any of the profits. (Insane Right?!) You might be surprised why they don’t.

Here is the kicker, chances are, you already know someone just like they did. They are literally all over the place…hiding in plain sight.

We have found this target-rich environment where they all need social media done for them to make their businesses successful, and our tools are a perfect fit (we’ll show you why on our training).

Again, this is not complicated and does not take a lot of time.

You don’t even need to be an agency to take advantage of this.

Go HERE now to see how this works to capitalize on this new target-rich environment that we have found.

[Affiliate Link Here]

All the best,
[Your Name]

Email #5 - Promotion +2 days

Subject #1: New way to Automate your Social Media Marketing
Subject #2: This is Social Media automation on steroids
Subject #3: Triple your profits with this New Social Marketing Hack

Hey [Name],

If you do Social Media marketing in any way then this is for you!

If you’re at all frustrated with generating fresh new content, getting approval from clients, knowing exactly when to post for maximum engagement, or struggling to land new Clients then you’ll love this.

Our good friends Chris and Andy run a thriving 7 Figure Agency that delivers premium Social Media services to a wide variety of Clients from local businesses to large multi-nationals so they know their stuff inside out.

Up until 18 months ago, they struggled with all the usual soul-destroying problems with trying to deliver social media services at high-profit margins that doesn’t suck the life out of you and your business.

Since then that has completely flipped on its head using this one simple tool!

Here’s just some of what this new breakthrough system does…

  • Help you generate a consistent flow of fresh high-quality Social Marketing content for your clients without writing a word!
  • Increased your Social Media Services profit margins from 12% to 83% in 30 days.
  • Automate your social marketing processes and schedule out up to 3 months of premium content in 18 minutes or less (This is a must-see!)
  • Save a fortune on Social media tools and services
  • Leverage new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver stunning results in engagement and ROI for Clients. (Happy clients keep paying!)
  • Generate a predictable stream of new high paying Clients wanting your social media services.

This is NOT the some new Social Media trick, this will Reinvent your Social Media Marketing by making it highly profitable, cutting your workload and allowing you to scale your business much faster.

[Affiliate Link Here]

All the best,
[Your Name]

Email #6 - Promotion +2 days

Subject #1: Hands Free high profit social media marketing?
Subject #2: Generate easy Social Media profits with this
Subject #3: Clients will throw money at you for this

Hey [Person’s Name],

Social Oxygen is a total game changer for Agencies, local marketers and anyone who wants maximum results from social.


Simple, the more results you deliver in less time, the MORE money you make period!

With Social Oxygen’s incredible automation system you can now deliver awesome results for 3X – 5X MORE clients WITHOUT any additional costs and overheads. That means not having to hire a bunch of outsourcers to do all the work!

That means your Profit margins go through the roof (ours increased by 83% in 45 Days).

The 3 Simple Steps to double and triple your Profits from Social Media…

Step #1 – Choose the Niche market and content of your Client (There are 92 markets already)

Step #2 – Select an Automation Scheduling template (Serious AI & Machine learning kicks in here)

Step #3 – Hit GO to lock n Load up to 3 Months of awesome content all scheduled to go at the exact best time for Maximum engagement.

That’s it 15 minutes and you’re done, time to grab a coffee and chill!

This is simply the most complete Social Media Marketing & Automation system ever created for Agencies and Marketers alike.

If you need more Social Media clients then we’ve got your back, we’ll teach you exactly how we land so many high paying clients sharing all our secret strategies.

Check it out here [Affiliate Link Here]

This is by far and away the easiest marketing service to scale BIG and start enjoying the real lifestyle income you deserve.

Right now you can get complete access for an insane low special price… But not for long.

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Hey [Person’s Name],

This is urgent.

Recently I’ve been talking about Social Oxygen the system that automates all your Social Media campaigns and explodes your profits in as little as 15 Minutes a day.

But the doors are closing soon on this special offer…

HURRY go here to lock in your 90% discount [Affiliate Link Here]

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Email #8 - Closing Day

Subject #1: Giddy up! Social Oxygen special going away forever
Subject #2: [DOORS SLAMMING] 6 figure social ends today
Subject #3: Ignore this if you hate getting paid [TickTock]

Hey [Person’s Name],

There’s an old saying – The quick and the Dead!

Best be quick because you don’t wanna be one of the others.

You have at your finger tips the solution to turn Social Media into a huge profit generating machine in as little as 15 Minutes a day for 91% OFF…

Not for much longer if you’re not quick.

What are you waiting for… GO HERE now to get started.

My Grandma used to say, “Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today!”

She was smart and successful.

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Email #9 - Closing Day

Subject #1: Final Notice
Subject #2: It all ends now
Subject #3: Last chance

Hey [Name],

Just a quick head up that the doors are about to close on the Social Oxygen software and system exclusive discount.

>> HURRY this is your last chance to get it at 90% off. [Affiliate link]

Everything you need is here:

  • Get your own social media content created automatically for you
  • Make huge profits using their new system that does all the work for you
  • Open up a whole new income Stream for you or your business
  • Get happy customers that stay with you for a LONG time!
  • Increase profits by 65%-85% on each Social Media Campaign

For an extremely limited time, you get complete & ongoing access for a steeply discounted offer!

This is your shot to get in for the lowest possible cost.

Make way more profit in way less time

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